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I realy enjoyed the time I spent at the club. There was a good atmosphere that wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for the excellent work of the barman and the other workers. A special thank you to Andy, Sean, Rob, Adin, Matt, Charlie and Mano who made my drinking binges a lot of fun. Thanx guys you were great. Whatever you're getting paid they should double it. See you soon
Kelly xxxxxxxxx

This place does a top breakfast! The English guy, 'Charlie' what a sense of humour! and sexy too!!! All in all this place made our holiday, all the staff are great its the best place for everything, food, drink, sports events, you name it, it does it! Just take one look and you can see where we are coming from! All the best take care guys, love the
'Brummie Girls!'xxx

  • Open every day from 9.00am till late the next morning
  • Evening Cocktail Bar
  • Night Club after 12.00pm
  • Top DJs
  • Air Conditioned
  • Top Sky Sports events on the biggest screen in Argassi

I loved the Factory all the guys in there were absolutly wicked...I even worked there for a week when I was on my holiday!!! Ilias, Charlie, Timmy, Shaun, Andy, the Australian guy, the Italian guy, and the gorgeous one that always wears the blue baseball cap... I LOVE YOU ALL, you made me holiday absolutly wicked.... and I'll see you again next summer.....
Love Vicki xxx

This bar was most definitley the best one I visited, very friendly staff. They aren't shy on there shots! Great music and the perfect way to end the night.

The best night of our holiday was spent here. Top fun with the Karaoke!

The Factory Club, Argassi, Zante, Zakynthos
Turn up the hill at 'The Magic Mushroom'
Tel: [26950] 74398

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